Filipino American Rural Mission or FARM is a California based US charitable agency recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3). The agency is dedicated to serving basic needs of poor farmers and Indigenous People in the Philippines.

The majority of the population of the Philippines are farmers. Despite this, it is very unfortunate that the Philippines is not doing well with its agricultural industry. The country was once a center of rice production, but today it cannot even afford to produce enough rice to feed its own people and now depends on USA and other countries like Thailand and Vietnam - countries who were previously trained to grow rice in UP Los Baños, Philippines through the "International Rice Research Institute".

Farmers are among the poorest sector of the country as most of them are dependent on landlords and loan shark to finance their needs. After harvest, farmers are usually in debt because of high interest rates and are sometimes forced to give up the land they till to their creditors! One factor that makes it impossible for farmers to yield profit is the lack of seed, water (irrigation), basic equipment and other technology that can train them to produce organic fertilizers.

Mission and Vision

Plant more trees! Preserveand conserve natural resources. Provide livelihood opportunities for indigenous people.

Provide environmental programs and services helping community and their contituents.