Farming Needs

Providing basic farming needs of poor farmers and indigenous peoples such as seeds and irrigation.

Farmer's Capital

Providing low interest to small farmers.


Providing scholarships to deserving students enrolled in agricultural education programs and who are willing to make a commitment to give back to the community at least one (1) year of free service.


Livelihood Program

Livelihood Program for Indigenous People - Beneficiaries are given potting bags and were trained to pot plants through cuttings or seeds as a source of trees for tree planting and plants for landscaping and paid accordingly.

Livelihood program benefiting women within the community in rural farming and backyard industry as support for their farmer husbands for their families to have enough food on their tables. Seminars and training are provided by the different government agencies such as Department of Social Welfare Development, Bureau of Animal Industry, Bureau of Plant industry as well as other concerned groups, NGOs and religious groups.

With the demand of Moringa (Malunggay) not only for food but more so as healthy supplement, a wide scale Moringa planting had been implemented by the Organization providing livelihood to varied segment of the community (Indigenous and Non Indigenous) who are in charge in land preparation, planting, weeding and others just to insure high survival rate.

Outreach Program

Donation to other agencies and ministries of the same mission and vision like beautification and backyard farming. Residents are encouraged to plant and go green

Food Program

Regular shipment of groceries and used clothes and toys for poor communities that were distributed to poor households and families with kids.

Community Development Program / Other Programs

Community Development Program - Road repair and development for rainy days. More canals are made in anticipation of heavy rains and typhoons. Family men were hired to work on the canals, more than 50 families benefits on this project, making their travel easier and walking to and from school easier for school children.